The first picture of us! taken July 7, 2012

The first picture of us! taken July 7, 2012

part 1: a friendship is born

We met at the bowling alley in Northampton Massachusetts, where, at the time, Meghan was slinging Bud Lights to bowlers to earn money to go to graduate school. Eric was not an avid bowler, but he and his friends would occasionally come in for cheap beers to pregame for nights that tended to end with shenanigans at the World War II Club. When we met there was definitely an instant connection, and Eric later admitted that he used to drop in to see Meghan at work, saying that he was “in the area” visiting his friends, when really he wasn’t. Meghan still remembers serving Eric that first BBC Steel Rail, locking eyes and feeling instantly comfortable in his presence.

We quickly became friends, and Eric became Meghan’s go-to for car related questions, computer triage, and all handyman-related needs. Meghan became Eric’s favorite dinner companion, cat psychologist, and meme purveyor. We would talk for hours about the crazy antics of our cats, places we had traveled, our families, our personal histories, and so much more. As we got to know each other, our friendship built a solid foundation from great conversations and lots and lots of laughter.

Later in 2012 Meghan moved for graduate school and school life unfortunately put a wedge in our friendship for a while. We separately mourned the absence of our friendship and connection, but lucky for us, we got a second chance!

part deux: let’s do this thing

When Meghan was graduating from graduate school, she was looking for work that would keep her in the Western Massachusetts/Southern Vermont area. Amazingly, a position opened up at Stoneleigh-Burnham School in Greenfield, a move which led to our reuniting and the start of a more serious and fulfilling relationship.

We were so excited to be living in the same town again, and we easily picked back up where we left off. Eric helped Meghan move to SBS in a chivalrous act that won Meghan’s mom over, and soon after things got serious. When Eric asked Meghan to take care of his cat while he traveled for several weeks for work, it was all over. Caboose and Meghan had bonded and both refused to be parted, so Eric had no choice but to move in if he wanted to keep his cat. Luckily, the relationship was strong, making the choice to live together a no-brainer.

We have spent the last 4+ years together, making a life and a home on the SBS campus. We have traveled to Puerto Rico, California, Colorado, and to Maine. We love to spend time together cooking, eating, mountain biking, talking, and petting cats. We are both so excited to take on the next phase of our life together and are confident that our strong foundation, mutual respect, and compatible sense of humors will ensure a lifetime of happiness together.

September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014


Part 3: our engagement!

Eric started researching rings to propose to Meghan, but kept getting stuck. Finally, he told Meghan that he felt that she deserved some say choosing a ring she would wear for the rest of her life. Using Meghan’s grandmother’s diamond, we worked with the owner/jeweler of Northampton Jewelers to craft a unique ring together. As makers, it was so fun to craft this piece of jewelry together and to watch as our vision became a reality.

Eric slipped the ring on Meghan’s finger late one night, hoping she would see it when she woke up the next morning. Unfortunately, Meghan woke up and called him out on his sneakiness! We traveled to Maine the next day to celebrate Christmas with Meghan’s family and rejoice in the happy happy news!


part 4: that’s where you come in

It’s going to be awesome! Thank you for joining us to celebrate our love! We cannot wait to see you in June! Please RSVP by clicking the button below!